Toilet training your pup isn’t rocket science. Dogs are instinctively clean animals, unwilling to soil their own nest. Its up to us to take advantage of this and teach them that the entire home is ‘the nest’.

Toilet training is most efficient when you restrict your pup to its ‘nest’ and take it to the location where you want it to toilet. After ‘success’ your dog is rewarded by being given access to other parts of your home. In essence you’re training your dog to do a swap with you. In return for dumping urine and faeces, on command where you want it to, you reciprocate by giving tasty treats and invigorating play. House training is simple, but it depends upon your vigilance. A pup is pre-programmed for house training. It doesn’t want to soil its nest and naturally wants to relieve itself after eating, after play or exercise, after any excitement such as greeting people or other animals and after waking up. As an eight week old pup it needs the opportunity to empty its bladder every two hours. By the time they’re 12 weeks old most pups can control their bladders for up to four hours and a month later most pups have six hour bladder control. Many can actually get through an entire night.

Watch your puppy’s body language for these clues that it needs to urinate or defecate.

  • Sniffing the floor
  • Circling
  • Running with the nose to the floor.
  • Getting ready to squat.

When you see any of these activities interrupt it and take it to its toileting areas. If you can, avoid picking it up. You want it to learn it should walk to where you want it to relieve herself.

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