Toilet Training Takes Time


Reliable Toilet Training Takes Time

It’s astonishing how fast something so young can learn to toilet the way we want it to but remember, your dog may rapidly grow in size but remains emotionally immature until well after puberty.

Expect lapses. Some puppies, trained to go on paper inside, take time to associate using an outside toilet. Don’t just put your pup outside and expect it to perform. Put its collar on and lead and take it outside, even if you have a walled garden. The lead is not for corrections or pulling your dog, but only to keep it close to you. Stay with it until it performs then do your rewarding clown routine. Some pups will hold on outside because they’re unfamiliar with the feeling under foot, or it’s raining or that leaf that just fell from the tree was really scary. These pups wait until they’re inside, where they feel safe, to toilet on their preferred substrate, for example newspaper. If this happens, confine your pup to its den and take it out more frequently, having already taken some of its soiled newspaper to the chosen toilet area. As a pup gets older, housetraining may temporarily be lost because of sexual maturity, exciting household activities such as dinner parties, changes in who its primary ‘leader’ is, emotional turmoil in the family or the arrival of another pet.

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