Clicker Training Needs Perfect Timing


Clicker Training Needs Perfect Timing

Clicker training involves using a small plastic clicker device that makes a clicking sound when you press it.

That click sound acts as a bridge between your command and the reward. Since the click sound is associated with your cat getting a reward it learns to enjoy hearing that sound. Clicker training speeds up learning as long as your timing is perfect. Give a food reward and as it is taken, click the clicker. Soon the sound becomes almost as important as the reward. An alternative we have used with our cats is to say its name when it takes a food treat. Soon, all you need to do is say its name and you have her attention. Timing is absolutely critical. Get one-to-one help for an hour or so from an experience ‘clicker trainer’ or watch a good demonstration on the internet, for example Karen Pryor’s video on You Tube. Letty Lean, our cat behaviour veterinary nurse can answer your specific questions.

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