Varying Needs


Needs Vary By Breed And Throughout Life

Growing kittens have higher energy demands than typical adults so kitten foods contain higher levels of vitamins and minerals and more protein than diets for adult cats. At the opposite end of the spectrum, older cats need more cellular protection so cat food makers increase the levels of free radical scavenger vitamins and minerals in their diets. They claim that their ‘senior’ diets are also more digestible. Longhair cats, because they swallow more hair while grooming themselves are more prone to hairballs than other cats. Several manufacturers have responded by formulating diets that help move hair through the stomach and intestines. And because most indoor cats are relatively inactive and neutered, manufacturers market a variety of calorie-controlled diets euphemistically labeled as ‘neutered cat’ or ‘indoor cat’ diets. All of these are available for home delivery through the London Veterinary Clinic’s shop.

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