Mothers Energy and Worming


Mothers To Be Need More Energy And Worming

During the first five weeks of her nine week pregnancy the mother needs only her normal amount of well balanced nutrition. From the fifth week of pregnancy, increase her calorie intake by 10 per cent each week. You can do this either by increasing the quantity of food by 10 per cent or by switching to a more energy dense diet. Our veterinary nurses can advise you on energy-rich diets. Mothers-to-be don’t need calcium supplements. Excess calcium can actually be harmful, interfering with the absorption of zinc and manganese from the diet.

Many mothers carry latent loads of roundworm larvae that are activated by the hormonal changes of pregnancy and pass from the mother, across the placenta to her developing young. They can also be passed to newborn kittens and pups in the first milk they drink. We recommend worming pregnant females with fenbendazole. Our nurses can give you explicit advice.

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