Puppies Have Extra Needs


From birth until a puppy reaches half its adult size it needs about twice the amount of energy needed for adult body maintenance.

During the remainder of its growth it needs 50 percent more energy than is provided in its own standard maintenance diet. This can be complicated to calculate because the growth phase of a dog’s life varies according to breed. Small dogs finish growing much earlier than giant breeds. For simplicity assume that dogs up to 12 Kgs finish growing by six months. Those up to 20 kgs finish by nine months and those up to 45 Kgs at 15 months. Larger dogs take up to two years to finish growing. Based upon its activity level, calculate the calories needed according to its weight then double this for the first half of a puppy’s growing period, then only by 50% until it is mature. At this point in life, when its growth needs are finished its energy needs drop for the first time to normal. Feed pups from four down to two times daily. We can give you specific advice for your dog.

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