Nourishment During And After Illness

  • Energy requirements increase during convalescence. At the same time, a dog’s desire to eat may be impaired. Warm up energy-dense food to just below body temperature to stimulate your dog’s interest. Unless we advise not to, increase dietary fat as well as protein.
  • Feed an easily digested, well-balanced diet, if possible one that is specifically formulated to help your dog through its illness.
  • If feeding dry food, add a small amount of animal fat to enhance the smell. This makes the food more appealing. Alternatively, add water at body temperature.
  • Warm food to body temperature. This enhances aroma and taste and is easy to do in a microwave.
  • When switching diets do so gradually, mixing the new into the old in 25 percent increments over several days.
  • Feed small amounts frequently.
  • Carefully monitor food and water intake, reporting any increases or decreases to us.
  • We can provide you with a diet formulated for convalescing dogs. These include Eukanuba High Calorie Formula, Hill’s A/D and Waltham Convalescence Support.

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