Joint Infection


Joint Infection - Septic Arthritis

Bacteria get in the joint space through penetrating wounds, from regional infection but also from distant infection with bacteria carried to one or more joints in the blood. Bacterial infections on the skin, in the mouth, to heart valves, the kidneys, even the bladder can result in a bacterial arthritis. The organism that causes Lyme disease, Borrelia burgdorferi, transmitted by ticks can cause joint inflammation. For dogs that visit continental Europe, other tick-borne diseases such as Rickettsia and Ehrlichia also reach joint cavities via the blood stream. So does the sandfly transmitted organism that causes Leishmaniasis, prevalent throughout southern Europe.

Diagnosis And Treatment

A diagnosis of bacterial arthritis, overwhelmingly the most common form of infectious arthritis is made by analysing and culturing synovial fluid. We treat infection with appropriate antibiotics. Joint infection may be complicated by bone infection and frequently leads to chronic degenerative joint disease.

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