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If you are willing to cook for your dog, remember that muscle meat alone is low in vitamins A and D and in calcium. Dogs are not ‘meat-eaters’. A meat-only diet does not provide a dog with the essentials of life. Dogs are omnivores. They eat a variety of foods. Here is a sample balanced home-made diet for an adult dog.

Chicken2 1/2 ounces(70G)
Liver1 ounce(30G)
Uncooked rice5 ounces(140G)
Sterilised bone meal1/3 ounce(10G)
Iodised salta pinch
Sunflower or corn oil1/2 teaspoon(2G)

Cook the rice, bone meal, salt and sunflower oil in twice the volume of water.

Simmer for 20 minutes then add the chicken and liver, simmering for another 10 minutes. Cool before feeding.

This recipe produces about 800 kcal of energy, enough to feed an active 22 pound (10kg) dog for a day.

Energy is in this form on a dry-matter basis.


Foods To Avoid

Avoid tofu and other bean products as food sources, especially if you have a deep-chested breed such as a Great Dane or any type of Setter. These products stimulate gas production and may increase the risk of stomach bloat which can be life threatening in some breeds. Take care with dairy products. Puppies produce an enzyme that digests milk but by adulthood in some dogs little of that enzyme is still produced. If cow’s milk causes diarrhea in your dog, and you still want to feed it milk, give her lactose-free milk, available at your supermarket, for lactose-sensitive people.

Avoid Dark Chocolate

Chocolate in excess is dangerous to dogs. The darker the chocolate the higher the content of theobromine, its poisonous constituent. Baking chocolate is most dangerous while white chocolate is least. One hundred grams (4 oz) of baking chocolate can potentially kill a dog under 4kg (9lb). Dog “chocolate” is low in theobromine or often is not chocolate at all but rather chocolate flavoured candy.

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