Giving Pills To Dogs


  1. Calm your dog by speaking soothingly. Command to "sit" preferably with his back against a wall. (A small dog may be placed on a table.)
  2. Gently grasp the upper jaw just behind the canine teeth with your thumb and forefinger. Tilt your dog's head back.
  3. With the pill in your other hand, draw the lower jaw down then drop or place the pill over the hump of the tongue in the back of the throat.
  4. Close your dog's mouth and massage the neck until you see your dog swallow. A lick of the lips means the pill has been swallowed.
  5. Watch your dog for the next minute. Some are just brilliant at pretending the pill is swallowed when in fact it is secreted in the cheek pouch. Give immediate praise to your dog for good behaviour.

A Few Hints For Giving Pills To Dogs

  • Hide pills in tasty food such as peanut butter, cheese spread or balls of bread.
  • If a pill is tasteless and we have told you it is safe to do so, crush to a powder and mix in a favourite food. (Crushing may alter absorption of some pills. Others may be harmful if crushed.)
  • Some medicines should not be given with food. Always check first with us.
  • Always give the full course of prescribed medicines. If you are finding it difficult to do so contact us immediately.

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