How Good Health Is Maintained


If you are currently visiting us because your pet is unwell you may have the impression that illness is common but this is far from the truth. Illness is rare. Good health is far more common. Your pet has evolved wonderful ways to remain healthy, to defend him or herself from illness or injury. During every second of every day of your pet's life its body is diagnosing, defending and repairing itself without your help or ours. Organs, cells and even molecules are capable of self-diagnosis. In the best of circumstances your pet's body recognises damage at any of these levels and then proceeds to remove, repair or replace the damage. It is extraordinarily efficient at doing so and this is the basis of good health. Only when it fails does illness or disease ensue.

Our Role In Good Health

Your role and ours, in caring for your pet, is to guard against and prevent injury or disease, to anticipate risk, and when illness occurs to facilitate repair. You and I are not healers. That's pretentious. Dogs and cats are outstandingly efficient at healing themselves. When good health falters and illness occurs our job as vets is to create the best circumstances in which your pet's body repairs itself. We do this by recommending an appropriate diet, by providing medicines to help the body overcome attack or organ failure or through surgical procedures that repair or remove things that are interfering with good health.

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