Ticks are blood suckers and can cause anemia through blood loss, but are also responsible for skin problems caused by their irritating saliva or paralysis due to a poison (neurotoxin) in their saliva. Ticks transmit a greater variety of infectious diseases than any other arthropod insects, including Lyme disease, Ehrlichia and Babesia, Ticks thrive in environments of high humidity and moderate to warm temperatures. Ticks live in the soil at ground level, climbing up blades of grass or onto leaves waiting for the right feeding stimulus. Like flea pupae, ticks are stimulated into activity by heat, motion, vibration, shadow or increased carbon dioxide levels, climbing onto their meal as it walks by. Once on its host the tick inserts its head through your pet’s skin and feeds, gorging itself with blood, increasing its size and body weight nearly 100 times.


We prescribe one of Advantix, Frontline or Scalibor to control ticks. These products do not prevent ticks from attaching to your pet’s skin, but kill them before serious disease can transmit from them.

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