Words You May Hear Us Use


Conjunctivitis is an inflammation of the eye's protective mucous membrane. It may involve redness, swelling and a watery or mucoid discharge. If infected the discharge becomes yellow-green. Allergic conjunctivitis and sneezing (rhinitis) appears to be increasing in both cats and dogs.

Squinting or blepharospasm is a sign of pain. It may be caused by a great variety of eyelid, conjunctiva or eyeball conditions. A squinting pet should be seen by us the same day.

A cataract develops when the transparent proteins in the lens become cloudy. This may be hereditary or caused by diabetes, injury, excess use of corticosteroids, even poisoning. A cataract is often confused with the cloudy appearance that can be seen in corneal disease. The development of a cataract is irreversible.

Glaucoma is a build-up of pressure inside the eye. Drainage channels from the anterior chamber of the eye to blood vessels are blocked. It may be a consequence of internal damage such as inflammation to the iris.

Progressive retinal atrophy (PRA) is a hereditary and gradual deterioration of vision leading to blindness in which the whole retina eventually dies.

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