The Mouth


The mouth is not just the entrance to the digestive system. Pets quite literally use their mouths to taste life. They touch and investigate with their lips, teeth and tongue. They play games with their mouths. Dogs in particular get rid of excess heat. They "sweat" through their mouths. 

How To Examine The Mouth

Of all parts of the body, the mouth is one of the easiest for you to routinely examine.

  1. Slip your thumb and forefinger around the upper jaw just behind the canine teeth.
  2. With your other hand, place your thumb and forefinger behind the canine teeth on the lower jaw.
  3. Holding the lower jaw in position, use your thumb and forefinger to lift the upper jaw. The mouth naturally opens.
  4. To ensure the mouth remains open long enough for you to look inside, sometimes it is useful to wrap the upper lips over the canines.

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