Concentrate On Good Timing


Whatever the rewards or discipline, good results depend on good timing.

Give the reward - food, toys, touch or praise - as soon as your pup tries to do the right thing. Rewards given too late, even three seconds after the event, cause confusion. Good timing is a skill that some people naturally have and an aptitude that others have to learn. Stay alert. Concentrate. Poor timing is confusing to pups in particular and gets your relationship off to a poor start. Whatever happens, no matter how much your pup amuses you or irritates you, try to remember that you’re both its leader and its friend. Good relations, and responsiveness from your pup depends upon it seeing you as the individual who makes decisions and issues commands. If it thinks it’s your equal you lose respect. If you lose respect it’ll not respond to you as leader. At the same time you want it to be relaxed, not tense. If you’re its friend it’ll want to please you because it so much enjoys your praise when it does something right. That, in a nutshell is the attractiveness of dogs, their open, giving desire to please. Don’t turn it into fear through punishment or disdain through inconsistency. A wonderful relationship will develop but it depends upon you using calm logic, understanding a positive attitude and consistency. Time devoted to good training pays dividends for years to come.

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