Start With Simple Training Equipment


Your pup should already have a collar, ID tag or microchip and a one metre lead. (If your pup isn’t yet microchipped, discuss that with the nurses. We use microchips with built-in thermometers. That means whenever we take your dog’s temperature all we do is wave the reader over its back.) You probably have tasty food treats – bits of kibble, dried liver - to use both as inducers and rewards or a small toy for the rare pup that is not thrilled with food rewards. A simple additional piece of equipment you should invest in is a longline, the long ‘shoestring’ I’ve previously mentioned. They are available from reception or our on-line shop.

A longline (or houseline) is no more than a very long, light lead. It’s typically used to keep your dog, pup or adolescent, under control in the house. For example, if you have your foot on one end of a longline you always have him or her under control. Whatever exercise you’re carrying out with your dog, be in a position to enforce your command. Don’t use your longline to reel your dog in. The longline is there only to ensure it doesn’t run away. By using one during basic training, you’re always in charge. Use it when necessary to get your pup’s attention, then, no matter how long it takes, use praise and treats until it comes to you. When using a longline, don’t go and get your pup unless it’s in danger

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