Recall Training


Recall Training – “What If..”

If your pup doesn’t respond and just sits there, don’t get frustrated or annoyed. If it’s not interested in you or the reward you’re offering, think about changing your lure by using a different form of reward. And, as in all forms of training, no matter how exasperated you are, finish with fun and games so it looks forward to the next one minute training session.

If your pup doesn’t respond and starts to wander off, put your foot on its longline and say nothing. You’re in control because you control the longline. When it looks at you, and it will, smile and show it the treat. Use the longline until your pup responds every single time you give the command “Come”. At this young age this can take as little as a couple of days with a pup from a working line of gundogs to a few weeks with individuals less genetically endowed with an intense desire to please.

If your pup is easily distracted and you have the assistance of a helper, play hide-n-seek. Have your helper hold your dog while you run away and hide. Then call her. “Daphneee!” As your pup starts to respond, your helper drops the lead and you say, “Daphne. Come!” Reward her when she finds you, with her favourite treats

If your pup gets distracted by something more exciting than what you have on offer temporarily stop the training session. Never give a command you know it’s not listening to or you can’t implement. If you allow it to ignore a command now, at this impressionable age, you’re actively teaching it doesn’t have to pay attention to you.

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