Collect your pet’s medicines and special diets from St. John’s Wood


Some of you have dogs and cats on special diets, to assist their kidneys, help digestion, reduce itchiness, lose weight or to treat or control a variety of other medical conditions. These speciality diets are only available from veterinary clinics.

Sometimes, it can be time-consuming to get down to us to pick up your pet’s supplies. To make it easier for you, we have arranged that you can collect reorders from closer to where you live, from St. John’s Pets, 106 Allitsen Road, NW8, just off St. John’s Wood High Street.

When you reorder any veterinary diets just telephone us as you already do (7723 2068), to place your order. Ring by 5 PM and your order will be available by noon the next working day. We’ll ask you whether you would like to collect from York Street or from Allitsen Road.

Some pets are on repeat prescriptions for heart medication, pain relief, suppression of over active thyroid glands and other conditions. Prescription medicines can always be collected from York Street but because the post has been, on occasion, unreliable we have also arranged that repeats can be collected from Allitsen Road. If medicines are to be collected from St. John’s Wood rather than directly from us, we need an extra day’s notice, so that we can properly label the medicines and get them to St. John’s Pets.

If you would like any more information please ring Ashley, Wendy, Alley, Kate or Angela on 020 7723 2068

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