If you cannot leave your home and your pet needs veterinary attention we provide video consultations and any needed medicines. Here's what to do.
As you already do, please ring the clinic, explain that you can't visit and tell us what you think the problem is. We will set up a video appointment time. 
At the appointment time, we will email you to set up a secure video call. All you need do is hit a button in the email and we'll be able to see you and your pet. (In the telephone call we will 'rehearse' how you do this.) Please use your smartphone and if possible have someone else with you. That way you can show us close-ups of what we want to see while someone holds your smartphone. If you have an ear thermometer we will show you how to use it on your pet.
When video is not needed we consult by telephone.
All of us continue to work at the clinic but because of long distance travel, some of us are on temporary furlough. There are always at least two vets on the premises or available by video link, together with supporting veterinary nurses. When pets need hands-on diagnostics, lab work or urgent surgery, we will explain over the telephone the procedures we have for admitting your pet.
Medicines or special foods can be picked up from the clinic or if you prefer you can arrange with a courier that they're collected. We can also place prescriptions with the online chemist of your choice. (The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons has given us permission to do this.) 
Because examining, dispensing and recording data via video consults are all time consuming we are scheduling telemedicine consults every 30 minutes. 
Please take care.
The LVC nurses and vets

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