We are proud and fortunate that Rebecca Manning, RVN has just achieved her advanced Certificate in Feline Nursing, with Distinction.

The best advanced training in feline nursing

The International Society of Feline Medicine (ISFM) offers an advanced course in feline nursing to Registered Veterinary Nurses (RNVs). The year long course includes:

Learning and social behaviour in cats

Feline pain management, pharmacology and fluid therapy

Practical feline nursing

Infectious and non-infectious cat diseases

The special nutritional needs of cats

How to make a clinic ‘Cat Friendly’


Cats are not small dogs

If you live with a cat you know that a cat isn’t a small dog! Rebecca studied cats’ unique needs when hospitalised, their different responses to medicines, the most cat friendly ways to handle and nurse them and their idiosyncratic eating behaviours and needs. She completed dozens of assignments over the year and we all enjoyed Rebecca’s questions to us as much as she enjoyed the specific assignments she undertook. 


We know cats prefer privacy

With her added skills, Rebecca is responsible for ensuring that the London Vet Clinic is cat friendly for visiting felines. When a cat is hospitalised for the day, he or she has a ‘privacy curtain’ over the glass kennel door. Each cat’s bedding and blankets is sprayed with Feliway, a spray that mimics a cat’s natural ‘calming’ pheromones.

A Feliway dispenser is also plugged in above the kennels. 


At present, as we maintain social isolation for Covid biosecurity, when we take your cat indoors, he or she is taken to a quiet area and the covering we placed over the carrier is kept on. This helps to reduce stress in the patient and make your cat’s visit more comfortable.


When we return to normal social interaction and are inviting you back into the building you will see other changes that Rebecca and Tina Leake are making, to ensure your cat’s experience here is as relaxed as possible. 

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