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Welcome to The London Vet Clinic

London Vets provide primary and specialist care for companion animals and their families. Our aim is to diagnose and treat conditions in pets without over vaccinating, over diagnosing or over treating. Pets need their families to make health decisions for them. We help you make these decisions so that your companions live satisfying and comfortable lives. At London Vets we provide 30 minute consultation slots and as a courtesy to others ask that you book visits rather than simply popping in. We are here five days a week and provide out of hours services through our home visiting service Veteris and through the Elizabeth Street Veterinary Clinic.

Each day there are three or four vets and five nurses at London Vets, all with extensive clinical experience. Bruce Fogle, the clinic founder, has written many dog and cat care books and is co-founder of the charity Hearing Dogs for Deaf People. Grant Petrie, the lead veterinarian has advanced qualifications in cardiology and internal medicine. Dr Jo Jerjis is the clinic's veterinary director and shares diagnostics and treatments with Stephen Warren, Helen Ward, Ali McGraw and Yuvani Bandara. We have special interests in managing mobility challenges in older pets, in flat-faced (brachycephalic) breed conditions, in chemotherapy and in dentistry in very small dogs. In September we be joined by a colleague with advanced qualifications in clinical animal behaviour. We manage most medical and surgical conditions on an out-patient basis at York Street and routinely refer individuals to specialist centres for advanced diagnostics and treatments. Some of our nurses have been with the clinic for over 40 years and have special interests in nutrition, behaviour and home care.

We hope these pages answer most of your questions about what we do. Of course it's always best to ask questions so please speak with us directly on 020 7723 2068 or email - we're here to help you and your pets.


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